Enjoy the little things!

My theme of the day: Enjoy the Little Things! My art journal, this post, facebook photo album, even my pins today are about the beauty and joy we often overlook. Last night I read a beautiful article in Somerset Life by Liz Lamoreux that reminded me to take notice, enjoy the little things in life and the beauty of the world around me. Today we had a snow storm and we got plenty of it! In my work as a physical therapist I drive from home to home to treat my patients, often a snow storm would make my day miserable. Today was different, I noticed how beautiful the snow was filling the air over an empty corn field, the beautiful pine forest in the background with all the branches covered in snow; it made me smile. I knew I had to take some pictures of this beauty. Not having my camera, I had to wait until I returned home. I found the same beauty of the snow in my own yard. These are my favorites:



The light in my yard was just right to make these color pictures look black and white. Enjoy!


No Time to Blog!

I realize I don’t have time to blog; since I haven’t even finished the chair from my first post. But I have made many Christmas gifts in the meantime.
I just wanted to show some progress that I am making in my new studio.  I’ve been looking at all the many great ideas for organizing all my ribbons. I found an old cassette tape holder I got from a friend when she was cleaning her basement. I knew I could use it for something someday. I found the cassette box  in the basement cleaned it and turned it into my new ribbon holder.

Regular sized ribbon spools fit in the cassette slots. Over-sized ribbons are stored on the dowel and loose ribbons are in the Atlas jars or wound on cards on the top. It seams to work great!

Maybe I will try quick little posts like this one. Otherwise Blogging will have to wait until retirement!


FOSOR (found on side of road) Projects for Hurricane Irene

First real post, 2nd try!

We are pretty much stranded indoors this weekend on the East Coast due to Hurricane Irene. I decided to use the shut in time to work on a couple of my projects building up in my garage.

My “real work” is a homecare physical therapist. I travel from home to home in a few surrounding towns to provide physical therapy to those that are unable to leave their home. I love old people and old things. This however, is a dangerous job for a woman that feels she can make something wonderful out of abandoned items found on the side of the road. My garage, attic and shed are quite full with many items just waiting for me to bring out their beauty and functionality again. I will probably need a few lifetimes to complete them all. I like to think that I’m recycling, repurposing, reusing discarded items, but at times I worry that my son and daughter will submit my name to “Hoarders!” I can’t help myself, I feel if I can rehab people I can also rehab old junk I find along the way!

My first project for the hurricane weekend is to clean, repair, paint and reupholster the seat of a vintage wooden victorian dining chair. Well it will take me much more than one weekend. Of course I have many other projects going at the same time. But that’s OK my Shaman, yes I have a friend that is a Shaman, told me that I create best with many projects going on at once as I learn as I go with each one. I decided to believe her rather than label myself with project ADD.

I am going to try to post pictures and descriptions of my steps, mainly so I can remember for next time and maybe someone will be interested. I will see how it goes as I have no idea what I am doing!

Chair as found on side of road

I just loved the shape of this chair. It has some slight damage to the right arm rest, the finish is trashed and the seat is a horrible cracking old faux leather. I wiped down the chair with regular dish soap and water, let dry. I removed the seat and wiped the chair frame with odorless mineral spirits. Luckily I live alone and can use my kitchen for this type of project. I am working on creating a studio in my home (future blog material). but for now the kitchen will have to do.

My next step was to gorilla glue the cracked part of the right arm rest, let dry overnight.

In the morning I sanded the chair frame. I was very happy to find that my sister Robin left one of her drop cloths here as it is much better than the old sheet. But more importantly that she taught me I was crazy to use 220 grit sandpaper. This came out great with 60 grit and my trusty Makita pad sander. Of course I used my lovely goggles and mask to protect myself from the dust.

I thought at this point I would be ready to wipe down again and prime the frame. I noticed that the right arm rest was still a bit rough. I found some wood filler and used it to fill in and smooth the rough areas. Now I’m on hold for 24 hrs while the wood filler dries.

To be continued……………..